Easy-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

Well, I’ve tried just about every cooking time and trick possible for hard-boiled eggs because I love the easy protein!  This one works for me.



1 teaspoon baking powder


Place eggs in a pot and fill with water about 1″ over the eggs.  Boil water and eggs.  Once it comes to a rolling boil (no sooner) remove them from the heat and cover for 14 minutes.  No more, no less.  Pour out the hot water and run cold water into your pan.  Wait a minute or two with the cold water running in there.  Peel the eggs while they’re still a bit warm and put them back into the cold water.  After you’re all done, refrigerate! 

If you’re wondering – the baking soda is to make them peel better.  😉  A little trick I picked up off an internet video.  So if you want to search on You Tube, you’ll find a few.


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