The Best Guacamole

I’ve concocted this recipe over a few years, and I think it’s about perfected.  It takes a while, so make sure it’s worth your time (more than 2 avocados).  Serve with chips or a mexican dish.


3 avocados

1/2 large or 1 medium red onion, diced

1 handful of cilantro, chopped

The juice of 2 limes

1/4 t salt

3 splashes of worsteshire

3-6 splashes of green Tabasco

1 package of grape tomatoes

Instructions: half the avocados, take the pits out (save one to put in the guac if it’ll be sitting out) and empty the green stuff into a bowl.  Mash the avocados with a fork or potato masher if you’re making lots. Add the onion, cilantro, lime juice, worsteshire, Tabasco, and mix together.  Taste and add S+P as needed.  Add the tomatoes on top or stir them in if you like.


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