Homemade Pasta

Sometimes I just love my coworkers.  A few of them are marvelous cooks, and share their food, but yesterday one shared her knowledge.  She held a workshop for making homemade pasta in the lunch room!  A few of us sat around and made our little dough balls of pasta and learned.  Here’s what we did.

Take two heaping handfuls of semolina flour (a coworker suggested blending it in a food processor to make it even more fine, as it’s pretty grainy).  Make a volcano with it on a table/counter top.  Crack an egg into the middle of the volcano and start wisking very slowly and carefully. Let the flour catch onto the egg as you’re wisking and you’ll find that the little dough ball starts to form.  Once it’s grabable (super technical, I know) then start kneading it.  NOT TOO MUCH as I did as it’ll get dry and really crackly.  It should be just beyond sticky.  Leave it sit for at least 20 minutes, but no more than 24 hours to let the gluten develop.  Roll it out or rip it into pieces to make your desired pasta!

If you want flavors in your pasta, as I do next time I make it, food process any ingredient you like and mix it in with the egg.  Spinach and Roasted Red Peppers are what I will try next.  I think I’ll try my hand at ravioli next time too.

My first time trying homemade pasta, I didn’t want to drown it in red sauce, so I put some evoo, garlic, S+P and feta cheese on top so I could really taste the flavor of the pasta to make improvements for next time.  I think I’ll add some more flavors in with the flour, some more salt for sure, and maybe italian seasoning (if I don’t do a spinach or other flavor).  But overall, super tasty!  The one on the left is for my husband, of course, he just wanted some pasta with red sauce.  Ugh.  What to do with him?!


Roasted red pepper pasta.  Take roasted red peppers and make them liquidy in the food processor.  Then add with the egg, and you have fabulous pasta.


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