Red Sauce

Well, there are a million different variations of this, but this list has all the optional ingredients included.  Don’t do all of them in one recipe though!

Phase I Ingredients:

1 med white onion, diced

1 pckg baby bellas, quartered (if you want a hefty sauce)

2 T balsamic vinegar (again, if you want a heavier sauce)

1/2 cup dry red wine

Ingredients Phase II:

2-3 cans tomatoes

2 t red pepper flakes

2 t oregano

1 pckg chopped basil

Instructions: Start with butter and/or evoo and make your onions translucent, and cook any other veggies you’re throwing in.  Reduce the wine and balsamic vin.  After reduced, add phase II ingredients, simmer for a while.


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