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Sleep Spray for pillows

December 19, 2014

For adults and kids

4 oz water in a glass spray bottle
5 drops lavender (sleep)
5 drops frankincense (stay healthy)

Shake well before spraying!



November 24, 2014

When Jude got croup I shuddered. I heard that barking cough and it broke my heart. After a visit to the pediatrician he recommended prenozone for the night and a combination of oils to accompany that. Below is what we did and his cough is nearly gone!

Night 1: Prenozone + 2 drops Breathe + 1 drop Peppermint for fever reducer (diluted on his feet). He later got a high fever so we gave him some tylenol. Looking back, should have used more Peppermint.

Days 2-4: Night and morning (and sometimes after school also) 1-2 drops breathe, 1 drop peppermint and 1 drop Frankensince diluted on his feet.

Jude is 2 and I only use oils diluted with coconut oil on his feet.

Sore Throat/Cough

November 24, 2014


Mild – 2 drops of Lavender on the throat every 20 min or as needed.

Strong – place a mouthful of warm water in a shot glass and add 2 drops Lemon and 2 drops OnGuard. Gargle for as long as possible and swallow. 2-3 times per day for two full days

Strongest – add 1-2 drops Oregano.

Feel a cold coming on?

November 9, 2014

1-2 drops of OnGuard with some (1/2 t) carrier oil for adults.

Rub on left foot, neck, or behind the ears.

Diarrhea Remedy

November 6, 2014

3 drops DigestZen on the tummy
1 drop Peppermint on the tummy

Repeat ever 3-4 hours until symptoms subside

Headache Remedy

November 6, 2014

1 drop on each temple – peppermint